Join us at dance-Oke next Saturday!

Join us at dance-Oke next Saturday!

16 May 2015
2 – 4PM

Have you always wanted to dance like a Pop Diva sans the alcohol or space constraints at a club; or undergo immense pressure during a dance class?

Join us at dance-Oke for a fun-filled afternoon and shed your inhibitions! Similar to the concept of kara-oke, dance-Oke encourages you to indulge and ‘perform’ to your favourite music videos.

Following dance-Oke, stay on to hear how dance-Oke inspires Kai’s Indulgence. Dig deeper into what goes on behind her thinking and her impetus in making performance and her ideas for Indulgence at 72-13.

dance-Oke is held in conjunction with TheatreWorks’ next presentation, Indulgence, by Eng Kai Er.

ADMISSION IS FREE! Come dressed in comfortable attire for dance-Oke.

To register for dance-Oke, contact Brendan at or 6737 7213 with your name, contact details and your choice of up to three of your favourite dance music videos!


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