Still not sure what dance-Oke is? Here’s what’s happening this Saturday

Still not sure what dance-Oke is? Here’s what’s happening this Saturday

This Saturday, Kai, Bernice and Jereh are hosting dance-Oke at 72-13. You are all invited to join us for this exciting, playful and upbeat weekend activity and dance along to your favourite music videos! dance-Oke is like kara-oke with dancing instead of singing, and is all about indulging in fun, uninhibited dancing purely for the sake of it.

In this event for people of all ages and backgrounds, everyone has their own favourite genres. Our playlist is filled with songs past and present, from current chart hits to oldies, and music from both East and West. It’s the perfect time to share your own unique set of songs and videos that you love, while getting to know and enjoy others’ favourites as well.

Joining us for this event is Singapore-born composer Chong Li-Chuan (also known as Chuan). A musician by training, an academic at large, and a design researcher in user experience and strategic design, Chuan will be moderating a live interview with Kai after the dance-Oke programme.

As a composer and sound designer, Chuan collaborates with different practitioners in theatre, dance, visual arts, and architecture. Recently, he had the good fortune to work with landscape designer Chang Huai Yan, visual artist Donna Ong, and theatre director Jeff Chen.

In this session, Chuan will delve into Kai’s journey as an artist, the impetus behind her performance-making and the performance of Indulgence. Chuan asks “Why?” of Kai’s various endeavours and the reasons behind the decisions she has made. You’ll also get to chat with Kai as she fields questions from all of you, and learn first-hand her story, thoughts and hopes.

If the interviews with the creative team and behind-the-scenes videos have made you curious about Indulgence, its meaning and Kai’s inspiration, this is the perfect opportunity to find out more about the performance.

dance-Oke will be held on 16 May, Saturday, from 2-4PM at 72-13. To register, contact Brendan at or 6737 7213 with your name, contact details, and your choice of up to three of your favourite dance music videos.

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