About dance-Oke

16 May 2015
2 – 4PM

Have you always wanted to dance like a Pop Diva sans the alcohol or space constraints at a club; or undergo immense pressure during a dance class?

Join us at dance-Oke for a fun-filled afternoon and shed your inhibitions! dance-Oke is, in essence, kara-oke with dancing instead of singing. Kai’s intention behind initiating dance-Oke is to provide a platform for us all to dance with each other and indulge in our favourite songs, music videos and dance routines, without the vices associated with going to a club or pressures faced when attending dance lessons. It’s a place where we can let loose and dance without inhibition or worry that we have to dance or act a certain way — a true indulgence we are rarely offered these days.

Following dance-Oke, stay on for a live interview session between Kai and our moderator Chong Li-Chuan. Through this interview, Li-Chuan will explore Kai’s motivation and intention in making performances. Also, get to understand Kai better as an artist, and learn why she does what she does. If the interviews with the creative team and behind-the-scenes videos have made you curious about Indulgence, its meaning and Kai’s inspiration, this is the perfect opportunity to find out more about the performance.

dance-Oke is held in conjunction with TheatreWorks’ next presentation, Indulgence, by Eng Kai Er.

ADMISSION IS FREE! Come dressed in comfortable attire for dance-Oke.

To register for dance-Oke, contact Brendan at brendan@theatreworks.org.sg or 6737 7213 with your name, contact details and your choice of up to three of your favourite dance music videos!