Our Audience Shares… #8

Our Audience Shares… #8

Thank you Kim Seng for sharing your comments and words of encouragement via Facebook for the performance of INDULGENCE by Kai, Bernice and Jereh at 72-13 !!

Kim describes INDULGENCE as,

“what performance is all about … really glad to see the fun and danger. there is still hope… “

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INDULGENCE - Kim Seng Comments

It’s a wrap!

It’s a wrap!

The performance of Indulgence ended with a bang on Saturday, to the largest group of audience of the run!


We’ve been catching up with some audience members after the shows, and also got the chance to hear your thoughts on the show during the post-show discussion on our opening night. Some also penned their thoughts on Facebook! Many of you shared with us about how you can relate to various of the scenes in Indulgence, in a variety of ways. In this performance, where Kai, Bernice and Jereh explored indulgence through several tableaus, we’ve found that everyone has a scene or theme which they can really connect to.

“It managed to showcase the poetry of everyday pleasures. It reflects powerfully on the absurdity of life and how we keep on living nonetheless.”

Juliette, 20 May

“I loved the part they danced to the music video as it reminded me of my childhood.”

Afiqah, 20 May

“Some ideas on “having fun” resonated with me – reminded me of childhood games tht we used to play to pass time, like the “bottle” spinning that recalled senses of truth or dare. Other themes on sexuality, gender and identity are pertinent issues that do not necessarily resonate on a personal level, but are universal concerns I feel.”

Wan Hui, 21 May


“I guess what struck me was the beginning, in the scene with the sushi plate. Because for me what struck me was that it addresses the idea of a certain bit of exhibitionism, at the start where, I guess bodies become objects. It really relates, I guess essentially to the opening of the show itself, where the actors themselves become flesh on display. But also it maybe speaks to all of us.”

Kenneth, 21 May

“What I saw or what resonated with me was the hint of vulnerability and the inability to capture what one wants.”

Weiyu, 23 May

“The female body and just the trappings of the human body in general really resonated with me as a Muslim girl.”

Sabrina, 23 May


Some expressed how interesting and refreshing this work is, and how intriguing you find the concept behind Indulgence. We’re incredibly heartened to see how all of you have been excited for this new, experimental work, and are supporting Kai, a young artist with a unique voice.

“I like how the performance pushes my comfort zone in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. The performance explores indulgence in a fun, unpredictable way, especially in terms of how it maximises the use of space.”

Olivia, 21 May

“It’s a very visceral, sublime performance with a lot of surprises happening all the time. It’s wonderful.”

Alison, 22 May


“The languages it used to discuss the themes were definitely new. I really enjoyed it.”

Sabrina, 23 May

“I have never been to an engaging performance such as this. It was an extremely immersive experience.”

Meera, 23 May

“I really enjoyed how they were enjoying themselves; it’s something very refreshing to see – performers actually enjoying themselves while they’re performing.”

Jia Ling, 23 May


Here’s a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for making Indulgence a success and supporting new artists like Kai! Your thoughts and feedback are also very appreciated by Kai and her team.

We’re glad to hear many of you share that you’ve enjoyed yourselves, and we hope to see you again soon!


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