Indulgence opens!

Indulgence opens!

Indulgence opened last night to a great crowd; a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who was present! It was amazing to see everyone immersed in the performance and responding warmly to it.

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Following the performance last night, Kai, Bernice and Jereh held a post-show discussion at the same space. The three collaborators also fielded questions about the origins of the name ‘Indulgence’ and the concept behind the show. Audience members were eager to share their interpretations of the work and uncover the different layers of meaning in the piece, and were curious about the creative process behind the performance and meanings behind certain scenes. They expressed their appreciation for how the show skirted traditional ideas of indulgence, choosing instead to explore different forms of pleasure and enjoyment.

Thank you to all for sharing this evening and sharing your thoughts with us! We hope you enjoyed the performance and the post-show dialogue with Kai, Bernice and Jereh.

Kai, Bernice and Jereh sit down for a post-show discussion with the audience.

The presentation of Indulgence runs from 20-23 May, 8PM at 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road. If you haven’t gotten your tickets, it’s not too late! Please be advised that the performance is now rated R18 (Some Mature Content and Nudity).

Email or call us at 6737-7213 to book your tickets now!