Our audience shares … #3

Our audience shares … #3

We have received (and are still receiving) many words of encouragement and personal thoughts from our audience members about their experience at INDULGENCE. Thank you, and please continue to share your thoughts and comments of the show with us.

Our audience member, Lynn Yang, shares how much she enjoyed and resonated with the INDULGENCE. 

” I loved the playfulness of the piece – I really enjoyed watching them have fun in the space, and I want to join in, especially during the beanbag part. It was clear that the three of them were enjoying themselves, which I felt translated to the audience experience. It was also really clear that they trusted each other, and were confident in their collective investment and presence in the piece. That always makes performance fun, and it puts the audience at ease as well, even though some of the stunts were pretty crazy! As an audience member, I thought it was an interesting tension, because while I was at ease, I felt like I was anticipating something unexpected to happen, my curiosity was definitely piqued. Felt like a parent watching and indulging her children at the playground.

I didn’t respond quite as much to the text, what they were doing with their bodies and the space was far more interesting to me. I thought there was a really nice rhythm to the composition. And it made me wonder what happened during the 11 weeks of creation/rehearsal – what happened, what didn’t happen, and what stories and performances the audience wasn’t privy to. So I went back and read the blog, which I thought was a very nice complement to the performance. It was nice to hear the personal voices of the artists, and to understand (at least a little) where they were coming from.

It’s shows like this that remind me and affirm the importance of having a ‘space’ for artists to play and experiment. I’d love to see what happens next after this – is she going to work towards a ‘final’ performance?

Thank you for putting the work together, and for letting me share my thoughts! “

You’re welcome Lynn, thanks for sharing!